The First Post to

Hello people of the internet. This is the first post of this webcomic. However, it is not the first comic strip. This comic began it's life in a print publication. An independent newspaper at the university where I was studying and am now employed at, has been printing my comics for a few years now. If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

I have finally decided to share my comics with a wider audience. I will now start to translate many of my previous comics to english and publish them here. Maybe there will even be new ones, that are exclusive to this site. Only time will tell.

Comic transcript

Panel 1
G: So, have you heard of ... whoaaa ... why am I suddenly talking english?
H: We are on the internet now. A lot more people will understand us if we speak english.
G: Whaa, ... internet?
Panel 2
G: lifts page background to reveal HTML code
H: See. Told you there would be HTML back there. This is awesome. After years of only appearing in a print publication, we can finally reach out to the masses!
Panel 3
G: So, once this site is completed, we will be seen by everyone on the Internet? Nice! I can’t wait to get into some serious topics like...
H: looking at laptop screen Wait... Oh come on...