I didn't think it would be that bad

"just stay at home for a bit", I thought. "I sit in front of my computer all the time anyways", I thought. Well, turns out I really want to meet people now. I talk to lots of people on the phone and on video chat but something is missing. It feels weird. It's like my mind is leaking out of my body and filling the room that I'm in, taunting me. Is this even real? Maybe we are in a simulation all along and the machine that is running this simulation is in a crisis, so it invented this virus to keep us from walking around too much which preserves computation power. Maybe that's why I feel like I'm only half myself, because the machine that simulates me runs only at half capacity. The format of reality has been changed! If I draw a comic that is sufficiently meta I might be able to overload the machine and bring myself into full existence again. Has it worked? Will reality crash and end the entire world? Have I bought enough toilet paper? Maybe we will know some day. It will all be revealed, here on bird.lol.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are still on video chat. Their surroundings are progressively getting messier. H: I feel like this whole situation is like one giant social experiment. It’s fascinating how different people behave when they have to stay at home all the time.
Panel 2:
G: It can also be very scary, though. You know that one person we did the exercises of “boolean botany” with? They just sent me a suuuuper weird e-mail. I think they lost it.
Panel 3:
The person G and H did the exercises of boolean botany with is a duck. They are standing in front of a wall filled with conspiracy like notes and scribbles. D: That’s it! It’s finally happening! The virus has changed the format. Conversation is existence. By writing an e-mail to that alleged “protagonist” I steered the conversation towards me and now the third panel brought me to life! Hello World!
realizing it's the end of the comic...
D: Wait, is this a double panel? I want to liiiiiiiiiiicut off by right side of panel
it's not a double panel. Good bye friend.