If these birds can deal with face masks, so can you!

This comic is supposed to act as a reminder to wear face masks. No matter what anyone said a few months ago, or if they are still saying it now, face masks are apparently super effective against COVID-19. Although Germany reopened lots of businesses a while ago, the active cases are still dropping. This is thanks to face masks. I'm not going to argue it further, this is a comic page. Don't get your medical advice from comic pages.

But DO wear face masks!

Thank you.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are in a supermarket. Both are wearing masks, which means they have to grab items with their feet.
G: Shopping got so much more annoying since we have to wear these masks, ey?
H: Yeah, I basically never buy stuff from the top shelf anymore.
Panel 2:
Now P is in the supermarket. The mask is covering their whole face, including their eyes.
P: I wish there were proper masks for parrots. I can’t see a thing. Am I even IN the supermarket?
Panel 3:
Now Kiwi is in the supermarket. Their long beak is sticking out the front of their mask.
Voice from somewhere, shouting: Hey! You! You’re not wearing your mask right. Get out!