You know this awesome video game?

It's such a hassle to unlock all the stuff in it though, so I hired someone who is way better at games to do that for me...

...oh yeah, I guess I could just pay the micro-transactions for unlocking the levels...

...oh yeah, I guess people actually do that.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G: Hey, you know Instabird, this social network where everyone posts heavily altered photos of themselves and pretends to be someone they’re not, right?
H: Yeah...
Panel 2:
G: I had this amazing idea. If everyone is just pretending anyways, it doesn’t even have to be me that I post photos of! So I hired someone who looks way better than me. They can even do the posting themselves!
Panel 3:
H: Soooo, you’re paying that person to be popular on Instabird?
G: No! I ... wait, ... yeah that is exactly what I’m doing. Dang it.