Expanding Perspectives

Yes, a bit of time has passed since I switched to the other side and became someone in charge of teaching, rather than being taught. It's strange how you only perceive other students that are close to you on the above spectrum. Once you start teaching though, you suddenly see the whole spectrum. Boy, does that change your perception of students.

Comic transcript

Note: This one is a bit difficult to transcript, so I'm only listing all the text in the image. You won't be able to understand the joke from the transcript.
How talented you are vs. how much effort you invest:
I haven’t seen my friends in two weeks, my apartment is a mess and it was totally for nothing!
Scrub. Good thing I’m a genius.
2147483647 of 100 points! That probably means I passed.
Alright! That was a good guess. It wasn’t so bad that I learned for the wrong exam after all.
But I crossed out everything!
No, you missed one question. You pass!
I’m telling you! This time I actually messed up.
Hmm hmmm...