This one probably needs a little explaining

I don't know how common this is in other parts of the world. At my university we do a rallye through town for all the freshmen students to get to know the important places and just have fun. There are certain stations where volunteers are giving stupid tasks to the freshmen that they have to do and assign points based on their performance. Usually bribery plays a big role, too (offering beer, food or other things to the volunteers). It's usually a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are standing in front of a group of freshmen students. Lot's of torturing devices are littering the ground.
G: Hello victims ... ahm, freshmen. Welcome to our station at the freshmen rallye.
Panel 2:
G: for the next 20 minutes, I will be your worst nemesis.
Panel 3:
H: You will learn how hell feels like and later wish you were there.
Panel 4:
G and H are beaten and tied up, the freshmen have gone
H: Hey, alright! We will even give you bonus points. Please untie us! ... is anyone still there?
G: Ouch.