Summer-/winter time sucks!

Just a few days ago, time was set back to winter time. It is annoying and I don't really see a reason for it. Luckily, in Europe they might stop this shenanigans soon!

Comic transcript

Panel 1
G and H are standing in a kitchen, a cake is in the oven. The clock reads 1:58.
H: When you asked me if you could use my kitchen “at some point” to bake a cake, I didn’t think you’d be wanting to do it at 2 am. I usually sleep at night.
Panel 2
G: But the clocks are being set to summer time tonight. I thought we could save a lot of energy if the cake has to be in the oven one hour less.
the clock now reads 1:59.
Panel 3
the clock reads 3:00. A raging fire has started in the oven. There is lots of smoke.
G: Oh.
H: I’m getting a fire extinguisher...