It is an age old problem...

... to start in time, so you don't get stressed out when the deadline approaches. I am pretty paranoid, so I always start quite early. However, the “I’ve already done so much”-plateau really gets me. How about you? Tell me in the comme ... oh wait. This site doesn't have comments. Thanks again, GDPR.

Comic transcript

This is one where I can't transcribe the comic and preserve the joke. I'm really sorry if you can't see the comic for some reason
“I’ll start tomorrow”-period
G: I guess I could start already. Maybe I’ll just ... Oh, a video of someone fixing up an old canoe!
motivational boost
“I’ve already done so much”-plateau
motivational boost
G: How am I supposed to know what rm -fr * does? ... What exactly is git push for? Never used that.
frustration and repression
G: Unbelievable how much work that was. They could really have given us more time!