It really is sad

A lot of priceless art was lost in that fire. Although there were no comics with wingless birds in that church, I am sure that many people around the world suffer from these losses. I am deeply sorry for them.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting in font of a television. The news are on, showing Notre-Dame being on fire.
G: Oh, that’s so sad. Such an old building burning down.
H: Crazy coincidence though, that we’ve only just been to Paris this weekend.
Panel 2:
H: Too bad we only stayed 5 minutes at Notre-Dame because my phone was dead.
G: Didn’t I give you my powerbank?
Panel 3:
H: Nah, that was broken. It electrocuted me, so I threw it ... into ... a ... trash ... oh ... oh no! ...