I'm on vacation as well!

Unfortunately that means that I might not post a comic next week. Maybe I will, if I find the time (and am not too lazy) but don't count on it.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at a nice bar at a beach.
H: It’s great to finally have a bit of time to go on vacation. Good thing both of us passed the “Remaining Silent and Smiling” exam.
G: Well, I didn’t.
Panel 2:
H: What do you mean? The second exam is today! Don’t you want to pass this semester?
G: Don’t worry. I took care of that.
Panel 3:
Prof. O is sitting in the exam. In front of them is an improvised doll resembling G.
O: I have asked you a QUESTION! ANSWER the question now! Well, well ... You remain silent? ... Very good, you passed.