You might think this comic is sad

however, I'm telling you it's not. Sure, P might have been attracted to the other parrot, but would they be happy together? P encoded a great deal of their own personality in their ice breaker and got brushed off. Fortunately, P is smart and does not let this affect their own sense of self worth. Instead, they realised that the other parrot's personality is too different from their own to justify a healthy relationship. Hence, they used a very efficient way to determine that they should keep searching.

The search can continue on another day, though. Going home directly after was an entirely legitimate, non-emotional, completely rational decision. As was eating a whole vat of ice cream in front of the television.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
P is in a bar, talking to a prettier parrot (PP).
P: Do you know what a semaphore telegraph is?
PP: Weird pickup line, but continue...
Panel 2:
P starts explaining
It’s an early system of conveying information using towers with mechanical arms on top. It was invented in 1792. Only about a century before it was replaced by the electrical telegraph.
Panel 3:
The concept is so simple, it might well have been invented in the middle ages, ancient Rome or, heck, even Egypt!
Panel 4:
Yet, it wasn’t. People didn’t think it was a priority to increase the speed of communication, as they didn’t think they wanted to talk to each other.
Panel 5:
Today, companies invest billions to scrape milliseconds off the communication delay. Once the ice was broken, they couldn’t get their messages to each other fast enough.
Panel 6:
P: Soooo, ... can I get your number?
PP: No.
P: Why?
PP: You talk too much.