H was right

it really was a hardware problem. Only it was much easier. Hey, it's one of these rare IT problems you can solve by proper recycling.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is sitting on a sofa with a laptop as H passes by.
G: Do you happen to know things about file permissions? I tried to change a config of my window manager, but it’s giving me a weird error...
H: Let me have a look...
Panel 2:
H: It looks like your problem is actually caused by your SSD driver not conforming to the standard implementation of your filesystem. The manufacturer went out of business though....
Panel 3:
H: So we tried all driver versions out there, including the strange one from that Russian forum. Maybe we could get a decompiler, look at source code and try to fix it ourselves...
Panel 4:
H: Well, we can conclude it is a hardware problem. I fear you just have to do without ... what was it you were trying to do in the first place?
G: That is a surprisingly good question.
Panel 5:
G: Ah, I remember! I wanted to move my taskbar to the top of the screen. I was lying on the sofa and couldn’t see what time it was, because...
Panel 6:
The corner of the TV where the clock is displayed is obstructed by a bottle standing in front of it.