Those alien birds came out more terrifying than intended.

By the way: I'm not quite sure if I'll manage to publish a comic on Christmas Eve. I'll try. These comics are my weekly present to the world, so it would be kinda weird to have Christmas as a reason to not have a present. On the other hand, I'm really bad at organising Christmas presents. I guess we'll see.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
Weird aliens, distantly resembling G and H are talking to each other
G: Hail Chicronx. Isn’t it a severely positive delta time?
H: Hail Vultropus. Affirmative. Energy consumption is advisable.
Panel 2:
G: Reception of chemical energy would stimulate pleasant brain response. Let us trigger the logistic system for nutrient-discs including thermal energy.
Panel 3:
G and H are back to their normal form. A pizza is sitting on their table.
G: Ahhhhh, finally some nice, hot pizza. I feel like an alien when I’m hungry.
H: That was terrifying. Let’s not do that again.