I hope you are all well

remember to stay at home whenever you can, wash your hands frequently for at least 20 minutes, wear a face mask only if you exhibit symptoms and under no circumstances insult the emperor of Stuvalon.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
H is sitting at a table with their laptop, using it to chat with G
H You know... what angers me most is all the dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, spreading on the internet. As if this pandemic isn’t bad enough already!
Panel 2:
G is sitting on a sofa.
G: Yeah, I can’t believe how many people claim this virus wasn’t sent by the alien empire of Stuvalon! I mean, they’re obviously trying to weaken us, but why?
Panel 3:
COVID-19: Code red! Code red! We need to speak to the emperor of Stuvalon right now... Emperor! Our cover has been blown. Just take the toilet paper and evacuate this system NOW!