Kiwi is not a one dimensional character

...sure, Kiwi only ever appears to skewer stuff on their beak and never really speaks. But if all they do is break stuff, can you explain why everyone is still friends with them? See, not every part of my character's lives is pictured in these comics. After all, they deserve some privacy, too. Naturally, you are free to speculate what Kiwi's secret might be. It is rumored that Kiwi sometimes disappears all night and someone told me they once saw a cape in Kiwi's closet...

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are participating in a team building exercise
Voice: ...and in this classic trust exercise, you will just let yourself fall backwards, while your partner has to catch you. Do it now.
Panel 2:
G crashes to the floor in font of H who looks shocked
H: Oh no, I am sooo sorry. But to be fair, what was I supposed to do? I don’t have arms. What even is this team buil...
D (from outside the panel): You are so lucky! Look who I partnered with!
Panel 3:
D is skewered on the beak of Kiwi.