Whoops, that was a math joke

Sorry if you didn't get the genus-increase part. Hopefully you found it funny anyways. Also, I'm even more sorry if you are a biologist.

By the way: This site was using Google analytics, because I wanted to see how many people visit it. Well, not anymore because the EU decided that very soon I would need a privacy policy for that and I was way too lazy to get involved with that. I am not collecting any information now. (The results of the Google analytics were really demotivating anyways)

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
P is standing in front of a paper bag full of bread rolls
P: Oh no! They only gave me bread rolls. I wanted to have bagels!
Panel 2:
Super-Kiwi (SK) appears!
SK: Fear not citizen! Super-Kiwi will save you!
Panel 3:
SK activates their genus-increase power
Panel 4:
SK has made a hole in every bread roll with their beak
P: Great. Now I can’t even return them anymore.