The Parrot: Who is That?

This is already the second comic with the parrot. It's a PhD student at the chair of Prof. Owl. The only PhD student in this comic for now. I might need to add that I'm a PhD student, too. However, I would not say I can always identify myself with what the parrot does. As you can see in this comic, the parrot can be quite mean. You will definitely see more about it in the future.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are standing in front of multiple mailboxes, one was exploded
H: Someone threw a firecracker into my mailbox.
G: Incredible! Who would do such a thing? It’s not even remotely funny.
Panel 2:
P joins them
P: Your mailbox does not check whether the object inserted is malicious? That’s a serious security issue that was revealed there. You should be thankful.
Panel 3:
H: But no mailbox ever checks for that. Does yours do that?
P: No. But I don’t throw firecrackers into my own mailbox.