I just noticed that you might not know...

...that the marks in Germany range from 1.0 to 4.0 in intervals of 0.3 if you passed and you get 5.0 if you do not pass. This might be a necessary explanation if the system is different where you live. Sorry if that confused you earlier.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is standing in front of a Presentation with the title "Audacious Claims" in the seminar "Current Topics of Scientific Irrelevance"
G: Welcome everyone to my talk. I will talk about the topic: “Audacious Claims”!
Panel 2:
The slide shows a table that is clearly meant to be an example
G: This one is especially irrelevant.
Panel 3:
The slide now reads: "This template was provided by fancytemplates24.com - Buy a premium account now to edit other pages than the title page"
E: from outside the panel Isn’t that just the slide template that you are projecting?
G: No, this is my presentation!
Panel 4:
E: Excellent! 1,0!