Hopefully you see the irony in this one

I have long been annoyed by the current trend that discussions are fights that can be lost or won. In my eyes, that is the cause of the terrible discussion culture we see online. Discussing about a thing is a collaborative process where both parties try to find a solution to a common problem or collectively try to deepen their knowledge.

However, many people go into a discussion with a fixed mindset and do not even try to see the other's viewpoint as valid. This makes me sad since this is where people loose their sense of reality and sometimes drift off into extremist views.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
A chat between G and an anonymous D
G: ... but you can read that all over the internet. The Wikipedia article has some very good references.
D: Lol just go ahead and believe all that xD xD I have sources too you know for example a real taxodermist
G: And? They don’t have to know about things like that.
D: But more than fake-pedia 99 percnt of it is lies anyways and you ...
Panel 2:
D: ... can only tell you that coal does not exist but some rocks are just flammable. It it’s all a big conspiracy.
A pop up appears on G's screen that says "Tired of this pointless discussion?" with a button that says "Win it now" with a price tag of 2,99 Euros. Below, G has typed their next message: "But I never claimed there would be coal in potting soil. I am really sick of this pointless" their keyboard suggests the words "banana", "discussion" and "university".
Panel 3:
D: Wow, now I realised that I was wrong this whole time. You really opened my eyes here. I promise I won’t write so many dumb things in the future. Thank you very much for teaching me.
G: You’re welcome. Just remember to check your sources in the future.
D: I will. Have a beautiful day.
Panel 4:
G is now sitting in front of their phone
G: Usually I don’t like micro-transactions but that felt really good.