I have to admit that this comic is better untranslated

The four phases are based on the four phases of grief, based on the model by Verena Kast. However, as I learned today, there are many different models and the one by Verena Kast is very unknown in the english speaking world. I chose to translate it anyways, since I hope it is still funny.

Comic transcript

This comic describes the four phases of exam review:
1. Non-Acceptance:
G: angrily speaking with O Excuse me, you must have made a mistake when correcting my exam!
O: Impossible.
2. Emotional Despair:
G: Crying, still in front of O But I HAVE understood that! Please, PLEASE give me those points...
O: No.
3. Search, Find, Separate:
G: sitting in front of their exam They must have calculated the points wrong. Aha! ... no wait, 12 + 5 really is 17. But here! ... no, all correct. Crap.
4. Acceptance ... well:
G: sitting in a bar, together with H Stupid Nazi-correction. Completely unjustified. I understood everything!