It is still very hot

I don't feel like drawing a new comic, so here is a translated one again. You might be wondering why the text on the backup box is mirrored. Well that is because it is a mirrored backup. duh.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are standing next to G's Bird University Excellence-Box that is slowly catching fire. The fuel canister used to light it is still lying about.
G: I really love living in an Excellence-Box. Why would you tidy up or clean it, when you can just set it on fire and buy a new one. Super easy.
Panel 2:
G and H are walking away from the now raging fire
H: By the way, where is that exercise sheet we worked on yesterday?
G: In my ... Excellence-Box. ... damn. Oh well, good thing I have a backup.
H: A backup???
Panel 3:
G is sifting through another Excellence-Box that has a sticker with the word "BACKUP" on it
G: Alright let’s see... hmmm... that is strange. There is nothing in here. Even though I properly put the “backup” sticker on there! Unbelievable!