Probably everyone knows these situations...

...where you should know something and you totally know why you should know it and you remember the situation where you were told but you also vividly remember why you were not paying attention. For some reason that feels worse that forgetting.

In other news: It is still unbelievably hot and most of the time I don't know what I'm doing. I really can't cope with these temperatures.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is in an oral exam with Prof. O and P
G: ...the expectation is wrong, so it was wrong to expect that the truth of the expectation was expected.
O: Wrong. As expected.
Panel 2:
O: Because it’s too much effort for me to arrange another oral exam slot just for you, I give you one last chance to pass this course. What is the third conjecture of Dove?
Panel 3:
G remembers a scene that took place in an auditorium where O was lecturing and G and H were in the audience
O: And we come to the third conjecture of Dove. Pay attention, it is important!
G: facing H Hihi, Dove. That reminds me of that really funny video on YouDove I saw yesterday. There is this really long worm that talks and...