A new comic - get it here first!

This is a NEW comic! It has not been published before, the "Geier" containing it hasn't come out yet. However, I don't know if this will be an exception or the new norm. I am planning to have a regular release schedule though and it looks like there will be something new here every Tuesday!

Oh, and in case it is not obvious from the context: The owl is a professor ;)

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
O: Standing at the front of an auditorium Wecome to the Exam for “Applied deception strategies”. Does anyone feel sick? No? Great! You have 120 minutes from now on. Good luck.
Panel 2:
random people start talking
Excuse me, my exam is gone. I had already finished all the tasks!
shouting Anyone know 2a?
What do you do with that saw?
Panel 3:
more people start shouting as the whole auditorium falls into chaos
Yes! ...What was that again?
The answer to problem 3 is 7!
Let go of my throat!
Solutions or Life!
I have never seen you before, what do you want from me????
Four isn’t even a letter.
O: looking very satisfied I really love my job.