Introducing: Kiwi

This is a translated comic from quite a while ago. It is the first appearance of Kiwi. There's really not a lot more to add about the comic.

One more thing though: To bring my comic to the internet I used a software called Grawlix. I enjoy this software. However, its development is currently on ice and there is a Kickstarter campaign to revive it. If you want this site to improve, it would help immensely if you threw a few bucks their way. If you don't, that's totally ok. I just thought I'd mention it here.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
K has skewered a book on their beak and is giving it to G, who doesn't look too happy about it
Panel 2:
K has skewered a bunch of papers and is planning to throw them into the exercises bin
Panel 3:
K has skewered a ketchup bottle and is putting ketchup on their fries, while G and H look confused
Panel 4:
K has skewered a telephone
Telephone: Hey, look. It’s nothing personal, but...
Panel 5:
G and H are sitting around a phone that is calling K. They are surrounded by things with holes.
G: ...we want you to stay away from our stuff in the future.