Violence is not the answer

People who know me will be aware that I hate violence. I consider myself a pacifist. That is a viewpoint that is surprisingly difficult to defend sometimes. I sometimes get asked: "What would you do if someone came to your house and threatened to kill your family? Would you not want to protect them?". My best answer to that is, that there are always more than two options. It is never a decision between "fight back" and "be killed". I'd just do something else, depending on the situation. And I am pretty certain that I would find something where the likelyhood of my family surviving is much higher than when I headlessly run into battle.

Sorry. I realise that this has very little to do with the comic. It just reminded me of the observation I recently made that people have become so unimaginative that they often see only two alternatives, although there's always more.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
Two angry ducks are facing each other as H walks by
D1: I will destroy you! I have a black belt in Karate!
D2: Be careful! I’m a level P5 in Krav Maga!
Panel 2:
H: You two calm yourselves down right now, beacause I have...
Panel 3:
H: A participation certificate in a conflict resolution course!
Panel 4:
The two ducks are now sitting on foldable chairs, crying.
H: It is alright. Your feelings are valid. Now please tell them what they do that troubles you but without using the words ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘my’.