Yes, it's ambiguous.

Here I have done something unusual. The mystery remains unsolved. Who are these two birds? Are they actually G's parents and G is just to ashamed of them to admit it? Or are they some random strangers that G guided around the whole campus just for fun?

It will just be left for interpretation. In case you have not noticed it yet, I like to include ambiguities in my comics. This way, you can make your experience of reading them your own. Don't let anyone tell you what is the right way to look at it and what is the wrong one. This whole endeavor is about having fun!

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is talking to two strangely dressed birds that sort of display a resemblance with G. They are standing in front of G's Excellence-Box.
G: This is my “Excellence-Box”, where I live. It’s not that big from the outside but there is more room than you’d think.
Panel 2:
they are now in an auditorium. H is casually walking by.
G: This is an auditorium. Here, I listen to lectures. They are totally essential for my studies. ... cough
Panel 3:
They are now in a bar. The two strange birds are talking to each other, next to G and H who are also talking.
H: Your parents seem pretty nice!
G: Parents? Those two, next to us? No, I have no idea who they are.