This actually happened to me once

No, not the whole "being in a comic and making meta jokes celebrating my nonexistence"-thing, I mean the "stepping on a rake"-thing. First I was painfully hit in the face with the handle, then I was hit with the realisation of how stupid and cliche it all was. Luckily, there were no witnesses so it wasn't that humiliating. Until now, I guess. Damn.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are walking through the park
G: A bird goes to see a doctor: “Doctor, I have these strange spots on my beak. Is that normal?” The doctor replies: “Well, you’d have to ask an ornithologist.”
Panel 2:
H: That was a really terrible joke.
G: Well, at least it’s better than the punchline ...
Panel 3:
G: ... of this comic.
says G and steps onto a rake.