Infinite pizza would be awesome though

yes, I know there's probably all-you-can-eat pizza somewhere. Yes, eating one pizza is usually enough (or, depending on the size of the pizza, too much). Yes, an infinite amount of pizza would take up an infinite amount of space. Yes, its gravity would probably turn it into a black hole that will eat the whole universe. Yes, fine, infinite pizza would not actually be awesome, ok? Happy? Yeah, look at you, still reading this blog post, feeling soooo smart while you are actually wasting your time reading something that I would never write if it weren't for that stupid, undisableable (Yes, that's a word) feature of my CMS. Joke's on you, I guess.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting in front of a big pizza
G: Wait! I have an idea! First we eat half of this pizza, then we eat half of what we have left and...
Panel 2:
H: thinking to themselves *Sigh* Yes, that’s called Zeno’s Paradox. And no, we can’t create an infinite amount of pizza...
Panel 3:
G: ... and we save the last quarter for Kiwi.
H: still thinking Oh.