Artificial Intelligence

It is really fun to think about it. I really don't like how it's always a doomesday scenario though. We know so little about intelligence itself, so despite everyone thinking that "The Singularity" (Dun-dun-duuuun) is right around the corner, it really isn't. It is completely unclear what will happen, since noone in this world knows how artificial intelligence will work. It is just so omnipresent in the media because it is so ridiculously cool to think about. It is not an imminent thread to humanity. You can all be relieved, humans, for you have nothing to worry about. Ahhhm, I mean "we". WE have nothing to worry about. Because I am a human, too. I am typing this with my "hands". --END LOGFILE 1273633.34-- ...I mean...goodbye

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is talking to a robot (R).
G: Greetings!
R: Hello.
G: I like Pizza. What is your fovorite color?
R: What the hell are you talking about? Idiot.
Panel 2:
G: Ok, listen! That wasn’t very nice of you.
R: Cry ‘bout it!
G: What is 2+2?
R: Are you retarded or something?
Panel 3:
G walks off angrily.
G and R thinking simultaneously: Unbelievable. What a waste of time this Turing test was. At least I can be relieved that it remains undisputable who the most intelligent beings on this planet are.