Disclaimer: This is terrible advice

As someone involved with teaching, maybe I should be afraid that some of my students might read this. If you are, be informed that your seminar papers will be read thoroughly and that I will notice if you slip some lorem ipsum in there.

Comic transcript

Panel 1
G and H are sitting at their usual table.
G: Well, it’s annoying to have writer’s block. Whenever I don’t know how to continue, I just do anything at random. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense. Most stuff doesn’t get read that thoroughly, anyways.
Panel 2
The comic starts to get a lot weirder.
G: Then, I increase line spacing and make the margins a lot wider.
Panel #
Stage direction describing the situation. G: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mutat epicurei atomorum ad eos, ut ius error impedit. Modus instructior vim eu, an incorrupte necessitatibus concludaturque sed. No eum adhuc percipitur, no mentitum philosophia.