Yes, I know there was no comic last week

I am very sorry for that. The truth is, I just completely forgot about it. Things like that happen. Good thing I won't get fired, because I'm not getting paid anyways. Hobbies are fun!

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is waking up to a duck (D) that is wearing glasses and is sitting in front of a laptop and a lot of wires.
G: Hello there! I was told you know stuff about lunix. I connected my PC to my stereo but the sound is now coming from the wall socket.
Panel 2:
D: Yeah, should be easy to fix. I recommend you look into recompiling the BAS-Interface using just your standard31-bit micro subsystem compiler. However, if that fails it might be an Issue with your on-board energy to sound conversion card. In that case you might want to consider buying a new co-processor...
G has taken a seat and looks bored.
Panel 3:
G has fallen asleep.
D: Well, that was fun. Good thing that they came to me for help. Those folks at tech support hotlines are all such idiots...