Super hero comics were never really my thing.

You might think that's not that big of a deal but if you work in a nerd-heavy environment like I do, it's a bit like working normal environment and having no interest in sports (which, frankly, I don't either). It's not like you're being judged for it, but you're just out of the loop in many conversations.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
Super-Kiwi (S) is standing in front of a hotdog booth, talking to hotdog-bird (H).
S: Greetings, loyal citizen! I’d like a hotdog please.
H: Oh. Super-Kiwi look, I can’t take your money.
Panel 2:
S: looking at the audience. Thank’s a lot! You see this, kids? Doing good is not in vain! People will thank you in their own wa...
Panel 3:
H: Nah, mate. I can’t take your money because it has holes in it.