So, our two protagonists have their first lecture

This is one of the earlier comics. Initially, the plan was to have some continuity between comic strips. However, since I didn't want new readers of the "Geier" to be excluded, this plan was kind of abandoned. You will see some elements repeated in multiple comics though.

Unfortunately it does not look like the Grawlix kickstarter will get funded (as was kind of expected). I might need to switch to another CMS later on *sigh*.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting in an auditorium
H: This is it! It’s our first real lecture at University. The Professor looks nice. Do you think it will be difficult?
G: Hmm Nah.
Panel 2:
O is standing at the front, pointing at a long list
O: Hello and welcome to the lecture “Introduction to Triviality”. You can observe my excellence by looking at this extensive list of publications.
Panel 3:
O: Because everything here is trivial,I won’t need to explain anything else. Soooo...
O: looking serious Place your bags at the front, EXAM!