Brexit is just fascinating

The things that are happening in Great Britain right now are terrible and will have serious consequences, not only for the Brits but for the whole world. However, I just can't stop thinking how absurd it all is. This is a good time to realise that some things can be funny and terrifying at the same time.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G: I’m hungry.
H: Me too, but we need to get to the lecture in time. Let’s head there and find something to eat on the way.
Panel 2:
G: But what if we don’t find something along the way?
H: We don’t have time to go anywhere else!
G: I’m not convinced. Can’t we consider other options...
Panel 3:
15 minutes later...
H: angrily walking off Great! Now we discussed so long that we won’t have time to eat anything at all. You are literally as bad as Brexit.