Yeah, who hasn't been there

you just check out that lame game that your friend is playing and suddenly you don't have a life anymore. Happens to the best of us. It is really annoying that our brains can be hacked that easily.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is sitting in their Bird University Excellence-Box, playing a game on their laptop. H is standing next to them.
G: Just a moment, please. I have to prevent the checkered melon from hitting me. Otherwise the elephant goes crazy. After that, we can leave immediately.
Panel 2:
H angrily closes G's laptop. H: No! Not this time! You’ve been playing this completely idiotic game for weeks. Last time we were too late for the exercise. We leave now!
Panel 3:
G is hit in the face by a checkered melon. Angry elephant noises are coming from inside their Excellence-Box
H: Ahhhm... what... I... sorry?