Yeah, Science

I'm pretty sure some readers will not understand this one. You should just know that, while peer review is the foundation of serious science, the way we currently do it is very random and unreliable. I can't really speak for all disciplines, but I'm hearing this a lot from other researchers, too.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
Prof. O and P are talking.
O: I heard your latest paper was rejected. Also, they switched to a new review system?
P: It is based on online reviews...
O: Ok, tell me more!
Panel 2:
This panel shows an excerpt from the reviews.
2 stars Sucks. too many formulas and stuff. Boring pic’s.
1 star Didn’t understand it. So obviously it makes no sense at all.
2 stars tl;dr
1 star feel like I dont agree. dunno why.
3 stars Still a better love story than twilight
Panel 3:
P: Well, it's ... just not that different.