The chicken is right

Being sick sucks. I just got sick at the worst possible time. The worst thing for me is that you leave the people you work with just hanging and there's nothing you can do. But the best thing you can do is to get well. And that's what I'm doing now (In fact, I'll probably be able to get back to work tomorrow).

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
H: I feel like I’m going to be sick. I’ll just go home now.
G: Oh no! We still have so much to do and the deadlines are so close. I hope you get well soon!
Panel 2:
H is lying in bed.
H: This comes at the worst time possible. Being sick sucks. Why does anyone have to get sick anyways? Is it a punishment? Is it just a move in a cosmic game of chess? Is there a greater being that controls everything? If you are there, greater being, answer me! Why am I sick?
Panel 3:
I make some text appear around H's bed. Wow, I wasn’t going to answer, but you asked so vigorously. You are sick because I am, ok? You have to suffer with me now. You go ahead and come up with a better comic idea while sick. Also, you could have known it was me since comic 20. I knew chickens had a bad long term memory, but damn.
P.S.: You should be glad. I can’t just ask the guy who draws me what’s going on.