Who doesn't like new things?

I certainly do. That's why here is a new comic, just for you. Enjoy!

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at their usual table. There is a small box, sitting on top of it.
G: Look what I just got in the mail! I’ve been waiting for this all week!
H: What is it?
G: Well, it is the newest model, fresh from the factory!
Panel 2:
The box is opened, revealing a small, circular object.
G: It has Bluetooth and a headphone jack, it is waterproof up to 5 meters, you can change its color via an app, it fits into your pocket, it has an extended battery life, warranty, wireless charging, a key-ring and a stainless-steel casing, making it dishwasher safe!
H: Ok, but what does it do?!
Panel 3:
G: Absolutely nothing!
H: I don’t understand, but I really want one now, too. And I hate you.