Sorry if this one is a bit technical

However, I think more people should learn to use git. Git is great.

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Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at their desk with a laptop.
G: Hey, can you help me? I have a problem with my git repository.
H: Sure! I know stuff about git. Let me see!
Panel 2:
H: Well, your repo contains only one .zip file, which ... contains another repo? And that points to four different origins??? ALL WITH UNRELATED HISTORIES?! HOW???
Panel 3:
G: Well, I just copy-pasted a bunch of commands from the internet. Stupid git, why is it so complicated?
H: It doesn’t have to be.
Panel 4:
H: I’ll just install you a git GUI. Now we can look at the commit history in a graphical waaaaaahaaaaaa????
Panel 5:
The commit log looks like a lovecraftian nightmare.
Panel 6:
H just walks off, looking shocked.
G: Hey! Wait! When I try to ask about my repo on stackoverflow I get banned for cross-site-scripting. Is that normal?