A new Tuesday, a new comic!

Yes, bird.lol brings you a new comic every Tuesday, in case you didn't know.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at their table. G has a big mountain of pills in front of them.
G: Hang on, before we can go to lunch I need to take my pills.
H: That’s a lot of pills you have there. They must last you a long...
Panel 2:
H: What? You took them all? I didn’t know you were that sick! I mean, no! Noone needs that many pills! You are overdosing! We need to get you to a hospital right now and...
G has a full mouth...aaahm...beak.
Panel 3:
G: Nah, don’t worry they are placebos. I’m participating in 83 pharmaceutical studies and I’m pretty sure I’m in the control group in all of them.