A new comic appears!

Finally, here is a new, never before seen comic. I hope you like it. If you do, please share it with people. My google analytics results are really sad currently :(

On another note, I upgraded the CMS to version 1.5.1. Maybe a few things will run smoother now, however the RSS is still broken. I am really sorry for that. Time is currently not something I have a lot to spare, but when I find some in the future I might switch to a different CMS.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and a few ducks are sitting in folding chairs. One duck (D) is crying bitterly
D: And then ... then they claimed I didn’t even read the manifesto.
G: thinking This is a really, really strange lecture.
Panel 2:
G: still thinking This is not what I thought “Combinatoric Grouptheory” would be like.
D: still crying I just want to be a good comrade.
Panel 3:
A voice from outside the panel announces:
Thank you for sharing that story with us. This was very brave of you. And with that we end our meeting of “Communistic Grouptherapy”.