Getting distracted?

Alright, I'm bringing you a new distraction with this comic. I hope you enjoyed this sweet moment of reading a comic while actually having to do something else. But don't worry. Reading comics on the internet is good for your health. I have to know, since I'm a scientist!

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at a desk, a sheet of paper in front of them
G: Ok, today we will actually study for “small things 1”.
H: But this time without deviating please!
Panel 2:
G and H are building a model of a double helix out of olives and toothpicks
H: Using this oversized model of a small thing, I get a much greater understanding of the small size of small things!
Panel 3:
G: Learning for exams is actually a lot more fun than I thought!
H: Hmm... I think Olives and Toothpicks are not really prohibited to be used in the exam.