A new decade

I hope you are celebrating new year's eve in the most fun way possible. I'll not bore you with too many words because I just hit a button on my keyboard that wiped all the fields in my comic submission form and I had to retype the whole thing and am very scared it happens again.

See you in 2020 with another decade full of comics!

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at a table, next to a window.
H: You know, I think it’s a bit sad that our city prohibited the use of fireworks this year.
G: The phone still in their beak Oon’t wowwy!
Panel 2:
The phone is now placed in the smartphone stand. Sparks are coming out at the bottom.
G: I installed a fireworks app on my phone! It’ll be just like the real thing!
H: Ahhhm, should there be sparks coming out of your...
Panel 3:
The phone flies out of the window like a rocket, breaking the window with a loud crash.
Voice from outside: Hey, you up there! I’ll call the cops on ya!