Baby Yoda confuses me

Everyone seems to like it. Can I really be the only one who is disturbed by it? To be fair, I've not seen the new movie yet.
I don't mean to hate, it looks cute and everyone seems to be over the moon and that's fine. I just think: Is that really what the world needed? Another artificially cute thing? I've never seen an old and wise Pikachu or an aged and experienced Hello Kitty. I feel wisdom and life experience are such underrated traits in today's society.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are talking
H: So, I was on the internet recently and I saw this Baby Yoda meme. Isn’t that thing the cutest little...
G: It’s absolutely outrageous!
Panel 2:
G: Yoda symbolises experience and wisdom! A baby yoda is just an insult to the values this character represents.
Panel 3:
I mean, you wouldn’t want a baby ... ahhhm ... Aristotle!
There is a drawing of baby Aristotle
Panel 4:
G and H are looking at the drawing.
H: You know, I kinda dig baby Aristotle.
Right. On second thought...