I wonder how many people will understand this

It is really fascinating to me how you can get lost thinking about a problem. Not because it is important or because you are so interested in the solution but just because the problem is so fascination. This is probably why I ended up in science.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at an ice cream place, two bowls of ice cream in front of them
H: Ahh... finally having a break. It was a very nice idea to have ice cream.
G: And it doesn’t matter that much that we couldn’t solve exercise 4... wait, what if we set a = log(n)?
Panel 2 and 3:
G and H are thinking very hard
H: Hmmmm...
G: Pfffft...
Panel 3:
The ice cream has melted
G and H: Awwwww...