These poor birds

By now you should have noticed that none of my birds have wings. This is on purpose. In addition to not having wings, they don't have names either. I really like the Idea of all characters being genderless. Names would ruin that. The closest thing to a name that the characters have is the type of bird they are. If you want, you can assign names and genders to the birds however you like. Or don't. Do whatever helps you best to build a connection with them.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting in an auditorium
Speaker: Welcome to the general assembly. The proposal is: There should be more work and less fun.
Panel 2:
Speaker: If you disagree, raise your hand.
G: I disagree.
H: Me too.
Speaker: Ok, the proposal is accepted.
Panel 3:
G: outside the auditorium, looking angry I think this art style is depriving me of my democratic rights!