Fun fact

The term "arachnomythomania" is a term used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to describe exactly this phenomenon of spreading the myth that people swallow spiders at night. A study conducted by them revealed that about 12 percent of all cases of arachnophobia are cause by (or directly linked to) arachnomythomania. Despite the overwhelming evidence that a large scale information campaign would be beneficial to the worlds mental health, all efforts to do so are blocked by Arachnopotin, the company behind the worlds most widely used arachnophobia medication.

As you might have guessed, the level of factual accuracy in the above paragraph is lacking. In other words: I made it all up. Next time someone mentions that you are eating spiders at night, you now have something you can use to steer the conversation towards big pharma and government level corruption which is always a fun topic to discuss. You're welcome.

Comic transcript

The Four Levels of Arachnomythomania
Level 1: You heard that you swallow on average 8 spiders at night every year. It makes you uncomfortable, so you try not to think about it too much.
G: can we talk about something else, please?
Level 2: You know it is an urban myth and highly unlikely anyways. You wish people would stop spreading it.
H: It was literally an example of how quickly people believe fake facts. argh.
Level 3: You want to see the world burn and strive to become a trolling legend, like the person who came up with this myth. You spread it with pride.
P: The most common type are those very fat, hairy ones that
Level 4: You have no idea what all the rambling is about, since you are surely eating even more than 8 spiders every night.
O: What? I’m an owl.