The internet is a different place now

Sure, there is so much stuff today that you wouldn't even dreamed of in the days of the early internet. I'm generally a fan of progress. However, sometimes there's these little things that you just miss. Not because they were so good and there's nothing better now but just because you felt a connection with them. For me, another big one is flash animations. You know, those strange animations with horribly drawn stick figures or whatever. Back then, it was so easy to find content that was just made by people for fun, without anyone trying to make a profit of it. A bit like Today, content like this just gets lost in a sea of algorithms, clickbait, paid advertisements and search engine optimization. I'm not trying to fool anyone here. Almost no one reads these comics.

Thank you for being an exception.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are talking to a fortune teller.
G: Thank you for helping me. Does this really work? Can you really...
F: Silence! I need to concentrate in order to reach the spirits.
Panel 2:
F: Oh great spirits of the ancient web ... reveal to me the one which they call AOL Instant Messenger ... yes ... I see a little yellow thing running...
G: YES! YES! That is the one!
Panel 3:
F: I have a connection! The program which they call AIM is now in the room with us. It speaks to us ... it says ... “a/s/l?”
G: crying Wow. It’s really them.