Are you thinking with dishwashers?

I am well aware that some people might not get today's comic. But let me tell you: After living without a dishwasher for years, you really need to change the way you are thinking about dishes when you finally get one. At least when you are as lazy as I am.

Before the dishwasher: You always have this thought in th back of you mind that whenver you dirty a dish it causes unbearable amounts of pain and suffering to future-you.

After the dishwasher: The pain and suffering vanishes turning into a distant memory as you wouldn''t even mind if people brought their dirty dishes from home because you know that you can ease the pain for them, too.

Man, I love dishwashers.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G and H are sitting at a table in P's kitchen.
P: from outside the panel I hope you liked the food. Now, give me your plates please!
G: I want to keep mine. I might want to eat some more this evening.
Panel 2:
P: If you don’t need it within the next hour or so, it will be clean again.
H: a mountain of plates in front of them Well, I also brought some dirty dishes from home...
Panel 3:
P is standing in front of a dishwasher
P: Now YOU are thinking with dishwashers!