Status symbols are a weird concept

I mean, most of the time they don't really make sense. Nobody needs a car that weighs three tons to move one person, a house that you can get lost in just to spend two weekends a year or just generally stuff made of gold, since that isn't even that good a material to make stuff out of (unless it needs to be very conductive).

On the other hand, it makes sense. If not everyone can have nice things, because there aren't that many, you are special if if you have them. If you are reading this comic, you probably have a computer or phone or tablet or something like that. That already makes you more privileged than many other people in the world. Maybe you even have a nice one? It's easy to look at the people that have more than you and get frustrated that you're not better off. Instead, look at all the nice things you have and be glad about them. You'll have a much better life that way.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
P is talking to a duck, sat at a desk with an ancient PC.
P: Welcome to the team as a student worker! This is the PC you can use to compile code, use convoluted IDEs and debug performance intensive applications.
Panel 2:
P returns to their desk which has a decent PC and two monitors.
P: That went well. Now that the new student can work, I can get back to writing e-mails, making slides and filling out forms ... oh, wait, the professor wants to see me ...
Panel 3:
P is now talking to O, who is standing in front of a very high-tech looking workstation.
O: Ah, I’m so glad you’re here. A colleague sent me a “tar” file. How do I open that?